Asmongold recently promised not to sell out and damage his reputation by accepting gambling partnerships.

In a recent stream, he said gambling partnerships on Twitch were dangerous, especially for younger people, because they “indoctrinated” them and “normalized” the practice. Asmongold also stated that it’s pointless to blame streamers for accepting gambling sponsorships because “people will always choose personal gain over morality,” and Twitch has the responsibility of authorizing that kind of behavior.

In the stream, he countered that while banning gambling content would be a good start, it would not be enough to completely eliminate the practice, and there would still be “loopholes” to exploit.

For years, casinos and gambling websites have sponsored Twitch streamers, and the trend is only growing. It frequently causes controversy, prompting the platform to prohibit gambling-related links last year. However, some content creators are calling for a complete ban.

Last week, another popular streamer, xQc, sparked new controversy when he faced backlash after stating that he had changed his mind about gambling streams and was now accepting offers again. He previously stated that he was gambling addicted.

Many of Twitch’s biggest streamers have stated their opposition to gambling, and Asmongold has stated that he believes Twitch should outright prohibit the practice.