The all-new Argos Abyss raid was recently added to Lost Ark by Smilegate, but its alleged “pay to win” nature has enraged fans across Arkesia, including Twitch behemoth Asmongold.

Smilegate has been slowly adding new content for players to sink their teeth or swords into as the popularity of Lost Ark continues to grow.

A series of new quests, events including the now-favorite Arkesia Grand Prix, and the terrifying Argos Abyss raid accompany the March update. The latter pits players against the traitorous stag-like Guardian in a battle for the ages, but you’ll need a high Item Level to participate.

Amazon and Smilegate have been chastised by players for effectively making the raid pay to win, and Twitch behemoth and OTK owner Asmongold has joined the chorus.

To take on Argos, you’ll need at least an Item Level of 1,370, which is a lot considering Tier 3 gear the level of items you’ll need to fight this fallen warrior is extremely difficult to upgrade.

As you continue to upgrade, the likelihood of your adjustments working decreases, implying that fans have been paying real money to improve their items. The process is relatively easy from 1,300 to 1,340, but then it spikes until 1,370, which is the Argos entry requirement.

Despite these issues, Asmongold will continue to explore the glistening vistas of Arkesia, it’s clear that the overly expensive nature of Smilegate’s hack and slash extravaganza is enraging the player base.

It remains to be seen how the developers resolve this, but hopefully, for the sake of Arkesia, it will be resolved soon.