Despite admitting to having no prior experience with the crossover series, Asmongold, a popular video game streamer, has reservations about whether Marvel’s Avengers will be included in Kingdom Hearts IV due to a perceived clash in styles and themes.

During a recent stream, the World of Warcraft streamer with 2.9 million Twitch subscribers expressed his thoughts while watching the Kingdom Hearts IV reveal trailer.

He would eventually admit to his viewers that he was bemused by the game’s hinted plot elements, impressed by the graphics, and amazed by its potential gameplay.

Asmongold pondered how much of Kingdom Hearts IV’s gameplay could be scripted and expressed interest in playing the game at launch, he expressed displeasure at the prospect of at least one Disney property appearing in the game.

Similarly, Asmongold was unsure whether an AT-ST foot cup could be seen in one of the forest shots in Kingdom Hearts IV’s trailer was a mechanical fixture or a rock formation when a fan suggested it.

Asmongold’s skepticism about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes joining the Kingdom Hearts universe is understandable, as the series appears to strictly crossover Final Fantasy games and Disney’s core animated projects from the outside.

Later games included not only worlds and characters inspired by Pixar’s CGI creations like Monsters Inc. and Toy Story, but also live-action appearances from the Pirates of the Caribbean cast and locations.

The “lighthearted” series has dealt with death and worse-than-death fates – the Kingdom Hearts IV trailer even ends with Donald and Goofy seeking out Hades in the Underworld – whereas The Avengers have toned down their own violence and darker themes for younger audiences, depending on the medium.

As a result, it’s possible that a marketable version of Earth’s Mightiest Hero could hit the series’ maturity sweet spot.

Furthermore, thanks to the Keyblade-wielding hero’s visit to a world based on Big Hero Six – itself based on a Marvel team of the same name – in Kingdom Hearts III, both Marvel and the concept of superheroes have already been subtly woven into Sora’s adventures.

While this is one of the more compelling reasons for Kingdom Hearts III to include Marvel characters, the most compelling reason is still the potential for increased game sales due to The Avengers’ massive popularity.

Even at this early stage, fans have speculated that the worlds of Kingdom Heart IV may be influenced by Disney’s live-action films and television shows.

Others believe Sora’s realistic design is simply his regional outfit in The Quadrant world.

Some have speculated that the failure of Marvel’s recent video game efforts, particularly Marvel’s Avengers, developed by Crystal Dynamics, may lead Square Enix to avoid including the publisher’s premier super team.

While Marvel was a box-office sensation at the time, Marvel’s Avengers cost Square Enix $48 million two months after its release and failed to cover its development costs.

A year later, Square Enix’s President admitted that the game was a disappointment, but added that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy exceeded expectations.