On June 24, the Twitch streaming couple Awkward_Travels went live to inform their viewers that they are stranded at sea. Viewers watched as the couple battled to control their sailboat.

Tallulah and Gaspard, two intrepid travelers, have been circumnavigating the Mediterranean Sea for the past 46 days. The two set sail on their newly acquired sailboat on May 10 in search of excitement and fulfillment.

Awkwards_Travel has been streaming their travels to thousands of Twitch viewers for the past month and a half. Deep-sea diving, sailing, and exploring the Mediterranean cities’ streets all fall under this category.

On day 46, however, the couple decided to go live without showing the “starting soon” screen and would inform their viewers of some unsettling information. They were stranded at sea because their boat broke.

Tallulah noticed the needles on the sailboat’s dashboard began to drop suddenly as they were leaving a diving site. Gaspard turned the boat off in an effort to solve the problem, but was shocked when it remained off. The engine was missing.

The couple was able to avoid colliding with the shipwreck they had previously explored by swiftly raising the sails. The wind was sufficient to move their boat away from land and into the open ocean, but not far enough to keep it safe.

As the wind died down, the pair was at the mercy of the ocean, which was slowly rocking them toward Napoli. Awkwards Travel would remain adrift for almost four hours while waiting for help and battling the harsh sea conditions.

Tallulah was told to stop the stream as the waves grew more intense, and Gaspard insisted that they both put on life jackets as he pushed her inside the ship’s cabin. The couple is currently waiting for rescue, which was expected to show up within an hour of the stream’s conclusion.

Once they were secure, Tallulah promised they would go live and update their audience. On the other hand, Gaspard declared he would never again step foot on a boat.

The incident’s VOD has been removed from Twitch.