After one of his profiles was blocked from the site earlier this month, Asmongold took aim at Twitch and its suspension policies, urging the Amazon-owned platform’s administrators to use “way more common sense” when banning streamers, big and small.

Unless the platform’s powerbrokers start applying more context and common sense to suspensions, the top Twitch star believes the site will suffer.

Asmongold explains, the biggest issue is that Twitch’s approach has resulted in a complete disconnect between the site and its stable of stars. Top names and streaming hopefuls alike have been suspended due to policies they thought they understood and had followed, which have had an impact on their earnings and growth.

Worse, he added, Twitch frequently breaks its promises.

To bridge the gap, Asmongold wants to see Twitch admins and stars communicate more frequently, and for admins to seek explanations before issuing bans.

The 32-year-old filed an appeal after his secondary account, Zackrawrr, was suspended from the platform. Asmongold was told that it was because of “racism in his chatroom,” over which he believes he has little control.

He believes the situation could have been resolved with a simple phone call. Twitch has recently begun attempting to keep streamers informed with curated ban notifications sent via email, though this is still post-suspension.

The Amazon streaming behemoth has also added an automated “appeals portal” that allows streamers to respond. These appeals are tied to current suspensions and can be submitted through the backend system by any creator. Twitch administrators will then review the ban and re-evaluate it.

Initially, the MMO star was turned down by the appeals system. Twitch unbanned him manually just 24 hours later.

By far the most popular streamer on the Amazon platform is Asmongold. He has nearly 4.1 million Twitch followers across two accounts.