After chess streamer Andrea Botez opened up about her ADHD, some in the Twitch community are once again concerned about the Botez sisters’ choice of words.

Andrea and her sister are well-known on stream for their high-level chess skills and relatable personalities. Andrea is hyperactive and appears easily distracted. Andrea has addressed the subject as well, even casually diagnosing herself on social media.

Andrea decided to address her unusual behavior with fans in a recent stream. She admitted to going to the doctor for a diagnosis. She’s going through the discovery process right now, but it’s been revealed that she doesn’t have ADHD officially.

Andrea was so hyperactive and distracted, some Botez sisters fans jokes, that she couldn’t even finish a proper ADHD diagnosis. Others, however, remarked that Andrea essentially said that the symptoms of ADHD are similar to “being an idiot,” and that casually stating that you are “a little ADHD” is also harmful.

Despite recent controversy, the Botez sisters’ popularity in the streaming world has remained high. BotezLive, their joint Twitch account, recently surpassed one million followers. The sisters thanked each other and their “beautiful community” in their response.

The Botez sisters are currently working on content for Team Envy, which is centered on high-level chess.