Amouranth is one of the few female streamers that has garnered attention and stirred up controversy for the entire online community.

The majority of her content centers on the fact that she exudes an attractive demeanor that many young people find appealing. So it came as no surprise when the Queen of ASMR was once suspended due to an unexpected wardrobe malfunction; instead of being bothered by it, her fan base increased. Amouranth, a Twitch streamer and creator of OnlyFans, saw a significant overnight rise, it was discovered in 2019. It was the start of a series of events that would make Amouranth the female streamer on the platform with the quickest growth.

Amouranth, a Twitch streamer, had her seventh suspension from the website in 2019 as a result of an NSFW clothing error. Despite being an accident, it quickly emerged as one of the streamer’s career’s most significant turning points. Following this ban, Amouranth unexpectedly amassed 410,568 followers in just seven days, bringing her total number of subscribers to 1,489,177. AuronPlay’s channel, on the other hand, saw the second-fastest growth at that time, gaining 107,339 subscribers within the same time frame.

Notably, Amouranth currently has 5.8 million subscribers to her channel as of the time of this writing. She is also the 4th most view-gaining streamer on Twitch and the 38th most watched streamer overall. She has received a total of 401,259,961 views to date. 

This is no simple task to accomplish, especially when male streamers like xQc, eliasn97, and KaiCenat dominate the whole Twitch streaming community. She is the only female streamer in the top 50 most watched or well-known streamers worldwide, which is very surprising. Amouranth was streaming an ASMR video in September 2019 while she was only in her underwearless shorts. She therefore saw one of her two dogs while broadcasting at that moment and wanted to pet them as well as assist her in her ASMR show. However, when she stood up from her chair, she unintentionally flashed her audience with her shorts. She was immediately and permanently banned from Twitch. 

Even though she was later unbanned, it was undoubtedly a blessing in disguise for her.