The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, has caused problems across all video sharing and live streaming platforms, with creators’ videos being taken down and demonetized without their knowledge. Twitch launched a tool that makes it easier to delete old videos with copyrighted music earlier this year, and then issued a wave of copyright strikes in response to DMCA complaints. YouTube, like Twitch, has a three-strike policy: three copyright violations and you’ll be permanently banned. To mitigate the impact of the DMCA, YouTube began informing creators if their videos contained copyrighted material before they were published.

Ludwig‘s mistakes are likely to be noticed as he gets to know his new streaming hub. He currently has 2.19 million YouTube subscribers, with more on the way from the rest of his Twitch fanbase.

After revealing the data from his 2021 Spotify Wrapped on stream, Nick “Nmplol” Polom was not spared from his Twitch chat.

The music-streaming app sponsored the content creator to promote their Spofty Wrapped, in which he streamed his reactions to the results. What he didn’t expect, however, was to be “attacked” by his viewers for his “normie” musical tastes.

Spotify paid Nick “Nmplol” Polom to do a stream for the app’s end-of-year service “Spotify Wrapped,” which shows a user’s listening habits over the course of the year and compares them to others’.

The entire segment went horribly wrong during Nmplol’s Wrapped statistics showcase after the streamer’s listening habits were apparently not up to par for his viewers.

Nmplol was perplexed from the start, unsure which answer was correct. He chose the second option, which was later revealed to be a lie.

While the lie wasn’t the issue in his conversation, the fact that the correct answer was CORPSE was. Nmplol binge-listened to CORPSE’s E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE more than any other song this year, according to the app.

As a result, a slew of his fans began calling him a normie. Regrettably, this was only the beginning for him.

When Nmplol viewers saw English pop singer Ed Sheeran among the streamer’s top five artists of the year, it was “the last straw.” Nick laughed throughout the entire show, repeatedly defending himself by claiming that he had “no idea” how any of it was true.

Nick did not deny that Ed Sheeran was a part of his Wrapped. Sheeran, according to Nmplol, makes him feel like love on the inside.

Nick is known for teasing and joking around with his viewers, especially when they make big requests. Despite repeated requests in an earlier stream for him to address the drama between QTCinderella and Mizkif, he completely avoided doing so in the most Nmplol-like manner possible.