After pledging to give one of his competitors a free sub to his channel, Twitch star Sykkuno humorously sabotaged his friend Disguised Toast in a custom Squid Game mode.

The internet has been taken over by Netflix’s Squid Games series. It’s become the most-watched show in the streaming service’s history, with fans clamoring for more. It has also taken over the gaming world. Warzone gamers have been creating Squid Game loadouts, GTA RP’s NoPixel server hosted an ‘Octopus Games’ event inspired by Squid Games, and there’s a Steam game called Crab Game that looks a lot like the TV show.

Several Twitch streamers have been playing the ‘Crab Game,’ with hilarious results — illustrated by xQc losing his head in Red Light, Green Light after a rival player denied him.

Sykkuno has also joined the ranks of Crab Game streams, participating in a few rounds of the PC game with some of his friends and viewers. And he’s been a bit of a thug himself.

The streaming star had a devilish offer for one of Toast’s adversaries while watching Disguised Toast and other players attempt to accomplish the Floor is Lava level. He screamed out to his chat, “Aries, if you’re watching, push off Toast, I’ll gift you a sub.”

Fortunately for Sykkuno, the fan came through seconds later, preventing Toast from completing the final leap to safety. Sykkuno burst out laughing as Aries yelled the Offline TV member into the sea and eliminated him. “He actually did it,” the streamer added, pausing from his laughter for a moment.

While Aries made it to safety, other players swiftly turned on them, condemning them to the same fate as Toast.

Regardless, Sykkuno and his viewers liked the amusing situation, albeit Toast was definitely not one of them.