Asmongold has been at odds with his community over pay-to-win games, particularly Diablo Immortal, which was just released. Following widespread criticism following a stream in which the content creator made microtransactions and purchased booster packs, Asmongold has banned several users and removed multiple threads from his popular subreddit.

Blizzard Entertainment, the game’s developer, has been chastised by fans of the franchise for cramming Diablo Immortal with pay-to-win features. Diablo Immortal has also been chastised for focusing on the mobile market.

Shortly after Asmongold finished streaming, threads on the subreddit began to appear. These harshly criticized his actions and demanded that the content creator distance himself from Diablo Immortal. Several of them made the link between pay-to-win gaming and the highly contentious gambling streams that Asmongold has been railing against for weeks.

When asked about the problems in his community, Asmongold replied in a stream that he would simply delete all the threads and ban them, as he always does. He’d rather not deal with it.

Asmongold has recently joined the chorus of content creators calling for gambling streams to be banned. Asmongold made the point and then went on to explain how Twitch could stop such streams.

When xQc began accepting gambling sponsorships and giving out promotional codes for online casinos, it sparked a debate about gambling streams. Later, the streamer admitted to having a gambling problem.