AmityAven, a Twitch streamer, wet herself after momentarily forgetting how to drink from a water bottle.

People frequently experience “brain fart” moments, but they are rarely aired to a sizable live audience. One of these brain farts was caught live on stream by YouTuber and streamer AmityAven, and while it was amusing and made her appear dumb, it also helped her channel become very popular. 

On September 29th, Amity changed the streamer into an ASMR show while it was live during a birthday broadcast. With so many new creators joining the ASMR community every day, it has grown to be one of the most popular categories on Twitch. 

She mimicked what a true ASMR stream would be like by crinkling a water bottle, some straw paper, and flicking a lighter all very close to the microphone. She then put a straw in a bottle of water and proceeded to take a sip, but instead of drawing the water out, she blasted it into the bottle, dousing herself and her chair in water. As the streamer hastily went for paper towels to dry herself up, her Twitch chat burst into laughter.

Even though the ASMR broadcast didn’t go quite as planned, Amity will be fully equipped for a future as an ASMR streamer once she discovers you have to suck in the straw to get water.