Sweeettails, a Twitch streamer, lost it completely when her dad hysterically misheard the sound she had selected as one of her alerts.

Alerts for new followers, subscriptions, and other changes are among the most often changed features on Twitch streamers. Sweeettails, a Twitch streamer, has even taken the trouble to make personalized audio files as their alarms; her most recent ones play the phrase “sit on my face” with each interaction.

Recently, during a broadcast, Tails’ father comically misheard what was being said, and the female star promptly lost control of himself with his response. During a broadcast in a now-viral TikTok video, Sweeettails and her dad were chatting on her chat when her new alerts started sounding. Ooh, that’s a new one. Get out of my face,” said her dad.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what it said. It said get out of my face,” Tails said just before the alert went off again — causing her dad to repeat what he thought it said. Tails’ father heard the warning once more and finally understood what it was truly saying as he began to cry with laughter.

After soon ceasing to rub his eyes dry, her father asked Sweeettails, “Where’d it come from?!” In the days after it was released, the video has approximately 900,000 views, and viewers have already commented on how they feel about the creator’s father.