Twitch streamer Alinity recently revealed in a puzzling Twitter update that she is unable to stream on her own Twitch channel.

Alinity joined the ranks of the most seasoned and well-liked streamers on the Amazon-owned platform in 2012 and currently has over 1.5 million subscribers to her channel. She frequently appears on Mizkif‘s stream and recently debated with the creator of OTK about who would make a better parent for their made-up child. However, Alinity has recently admitted that she is unable to stream on her Twitter page.

Alinity tweeted on June 23 that she missed streaming “so much,” but she later admitted that she wasn’t actually allowed to. Alinity further disclosed that it might take a month or two before she can return to her own channel in a second reply to a fan.

Fans questioned her response, but she stood by it, stating that she was unable to discuss it.

Since April 28, 2022, when she was streaming for almost five hours a day, Alinity hasn’t been live on her own channel. She will be gone for nearly five months if she can’t get back for another two. In the interim, perhaps she’ll return to Mizkif’s stream more frequently.