Adriana Chechik, a Twitch streamer, recently suffered a back injury while participating in a promotional activity for TwitchCon San Diego 2022 on October 9th after diving into a foam pit set up by Intel and Lenovo.

The Twitch streamer has since had surgeries and has mostly recovered from her procedures. Adriana Chechik resumed streaming on Twitch on October 29, 2022, although she made it clear that she is still recovering from the injury and regaining strength. She also displayed the surgical scars she now bears as a result of the accident during the Livestream. According to Adriana Chechik, she still needs to recover for another three months before being fully well.

At TwitchCon San Diego 2022, Adriana Chechik dove into the foam pit, which led to the original disaster. Before the Twitch streamer’s mishap, countless other people allegedly had injuries, but Lenovo and Intel didn’t stop the marketing campaign. The activities at TwitchCon allegedly came to an end only after Adriana Chechik broke her back twice. Adriana Chechik hasn’t broadcast on Twitch in almost three weeks, so her latest appearance was a pleasant surprise for many fans. However, the streamer’s most recent Twitch Livestream highlighted all the recent changes in her life, including how she adjusted to and recovered from her back injury and surgery.

According to Adriana Chechik, one of the “top nerve surgery teams” transported her to a “trauma hospital” following the event. Eight doctors had treated her, according to the Twitch streamer. Adriana Chechik said, “[…] I was four days in the hospital before surgery because they were prepping for nerve damage, a bunch of other stuff that could’ve went (sic) wrong that they couldn’t tell from the CT scan or MRI.”

The Twitch streamer added that her strength is still returning as she continues to recuperate from everything that has happened. Adriana further stated that she now finds it difficult to breathe and that she even experiences breathlessness while “holding her phone.” Adriana Chechik continued, “The stitches were inside because I’m a model, so I was like, ‘can you do anything to hide the stitches?’ So, the scar looks really [good]. The rod [the doctors placed inside my back] is about ten inches long. But I heal very fast.”

Adriana Chechik claimed that in addition to having scars, she required round-the-clock support. She is unable to lift up objects weighing more than a pound, bend down, or “shower herself.” According to the livestream, she simply started taking care of restroom basics last week. Adrianah Chechik is consequently had to wear a back brace for the subsequent three months. 

Adriana Chechik appears content so far with her return to Twitch streaming. After such a horrific catastrophe, we hope she recovers quickly and takes the time she requires to rebuild her strength.