NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) recently gained popularity in the streaming industry, with content creators, and well-known streamers promoting them during their streams. Many of these streamers even sold their own NFTs and some called them a scam, including popular Twitch streamer Destiny. With a new NFT sponsor for his channel, he appears to have forgotten his own words, and it appears that his fellow popular streamer xQc has a problem with it.

xQc reacted to Destiny‘s comments recently about his stance on allowing an NFT to sponsor his stream, which he described as a “scam.” While Destiny stated that he is willing to be a sellout in order to get the “bag” before the platform bans him, xQc couldn’t help but criticize Destiny.

Felix Lengyel AKA xQc reacted to Destiny’s recent statements after fans accused him of being a sellout saying that NFTs are a scam. He also called out other streamers who promote them. Destiny, on the other hand, ran an NFT ad as a sponsor on his channel within a few days where he explained that he accepted the sponsorship because he is willing to be a sellout and cashout before the platform bans him. He also mentioned that he would weather the community’s vitriol, to which xQc responded by calling him a “dumb”.

He also stated in his mini-rant that if Destiny wants to promote a “scam,” that’s fine with him. His issue is only from Destiny claiming the higher moral ground and chastising others for promoting the same thing just a few days ago saying that streamer Destiny can’t be really genuine on what he said, if he calls others hypocrites for selling out while doing the same thing himself.

When people call out others for being both ways and hypocrites while doing really hardcore hypocritical moves themselves, the ability to come across as genuine suddenly lose.

Later, xQc then stated that this action severely undermines Destiny’s credibility. This is due to the fact that much of his content consists of arguing and debating with other streamers and fans about various controversial topics.

In the end, it appears that xQc is more concerned with Destiny’s hypocrisy in calling out others for doing the same thing than with the promotion of NFTs. While Destiny has stated that he will not use the NFT as a channel sponsor, fans and streamers such as xQc have already criticized him.