Adin Ross, a controversial Kick streamer, commented on the latest controversy regarding Twitch’s Branded Content Policy on June 7, 2023.

The platform run by Amazon is “done,” according to the content producer, and “every single streamer” is already approaching him and asking to join Kick. Matthew “Mizkif” and Hasan “HasanAbi,” two prominent Twitch users, cannot stream live on Kick, according to Adin Ross. Earlier today, Adin Ross went live on his channel to discuss the current Twitch dispute, saying that “every single broadcaster” now wants to join Kick: “Look, chat, this is a big thing I want to say. Twitch is done. Done! If I told you guys how many streamers in my DMs and want to come to Kick… you guys will be like, ‘What the f**k!’ It’s everybody! Every single… every streamer!”

The native Floridian then stated that HasanAbi and Mizkif are forbidden on Kick. He gave a justification: “There’s two streamers that are banned from Kick. Mizkif, you can’t come. You’re not coming to Kick, bro. I’m sorry, you’re not coming, bro! Me and Bruce (BruceDropEmOff), we don’t want you here. You’re not coming. That’s first of all. F**k you! S**k a d**k! Hasan, you’re not invited, either! I’m going to be honest, you’re not coming. Those two are banned. Okay? They cannot come.”

Imane “Pokimane,” a Moroccan-Canadian phenomenon, was asked by fans if she would be able to broadcast on Kick. She was not denied access to the platform, Adin Ross retorted, because he had no beef with her: “Pokimane? I got no problem with Pokimane. She never directly said s**t to me. She kind of did, one time, saying that, ‘Adin should be banned for year, two year,’ or some s**t. You know what I’m saying? Didn’t like that comment but… it is what it is. But, I feel you. You have to say these things because you signed a Twitch contract. I understand. No, don’t put, ‘L,’ b**ch! No, no, no! Stop! She’s under contract, she has to, chat!” 

Adin Ross continued by stating that well-known individuals such as HasanAbi and Pokimane will never be banned from Twitch: “Why do you think Pokimanes and Hasans don’t get banned? Hasan literally showed someone dying on stream. Didn’t get banned. Someone else did it, they got banned. Didn’t Pokimane accidentally show some p*rn, too, one time? What I’m trying to say is this, bro… they will never get banned on Twitch! They don’t have equity. I was wrong about that. But, they’ll never get banned.”