During his October 30 Twitch stream, popular Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc launched into a typical tantrum when a fellow player made sure he was humorously denied success in a unique Squid Game mode.

Squid Game was a cultural phenomenon in the year 2021. The dystopian South Korean series released on Netflix to critical and popular acclaim, with many comparing it to a darker, more brutal version of The Hunger Games. Since its meteoric rise to fame, we’ve seen a slew of ambitious crossovers, including YouTubers attempting to reproduce the show in real life and Apex Legends fans designing Wraith skins based on the program’s aesthetic.

The gaming community has flocked to the event, with a slew of custom mini-games emulating the show’s suspense and lethal levels.

The round xQc found itself in while streaming one of the aforementioned games was similar to ‘Red Light Green Light,’ a simple round in which players must sneak up on a big figure who periodically turns to face them. Any players who move after the figure has turned are immediately killed by gunfire.

For xQc, things were looking up as he neared the finish line. However, when a fellow player struck xQc’s character as he was about to cross the finish line, causing him to explode in a bloody blur, everything went wrong.

He then went on one of his usual rants, banning the offending player and walking away from his setup stating; “This is f**king cooked. F**k this game, it’s so f**king bad! ”

His annoyance was not matched by his chat, with numerous users repeating ‘OMEGALUL’ in response to the streamer’s misfortune.

The intensity of the emotions on display is why xQc has such a devoted following and why so many people tune in to his streams regardless of what he’s playing.