According to MEL Magazine, Ludwig Ahgren, a popular Twitch streamer, won an Among Us tournament and received a free custom controller courtesy of Michael, a 19-year-old hobbyist designer.

Ludwig replied that he wanted a controller with a dick and balls when Michael asked what kind of custom controller he wanted. Michael was perplexed, so he followed up with Ahgren to make sure he really wanted a penis-shaped controller.

He claimed that he contacted a few of his roommates, who advised him to “just run with it,” which he did.

Michael was only a few days into his freshman year of college, but like many other business titans before him, he stayed focused on the important things and said that instead of doing his homeworks, he said that he was always busy in his dorm, attempting to design a GameCube controller with a dick and balls.

It wasn’t always easy to put the design together. Hours turned into days as he worked, and crumpled and thrown-away sketches accumulated in the trash can next to his desk. While the balls will obviously be on the said controller itself, Ludwig stated that he wanted a dick and balls — shaft and all.

This incredible design that goes into great detail ended up costing around $500, and it does not include labor. The balls ended up being a sort of rumble pack; as Michael explained that people usually wrap their fingers around the back of a controller, but because there is something in the way now, and that they have now to move their fingers to wrap their middle finger around the balls.