Disguised Toast recently stunned Hasan on Twitch after spectacularly defeating him in a MultiVersus match.

Warner Brothers MultiVersus, a game that competes with Smash Bros., has finally arrived, and Twitch subscribers will have early beta access to it from July 19 to July 26. Players have been eagerly awaiting the limited beta release of MultiVersus, which makes sense. This includes some of the most well-known figures on the Amazon-owned platform who wanted to cash in on the buzz.

During their Twitch streams, friends Disguised Toast and Hasan made the decision to give the crossover fighter a shot. Hasan, however, ultimately received a lot more than he anticipated.

On July 19, as part of his final livestream from Japan, Toast immediately began playing the MultiVersus metagame by challenging Hasan and his fellow creators to a battle. Together, the two competed while portraying The Iron Giant from the enduring 1999 animated film. They weren’t prepared for the skin’s stunlock’s incredible power, though.

Disguised Toast began to ruthlessly slam down on Hasan as he rose into the air. The move rendered his opponent completely speechless, and he was unable to recover. After the win was announced and the damage the power move did to Hasan’s character was made public on Reddit, viewers couldn’t believe it.

Many viewers were eager to play as the 50-foot-tall metal-eating robot for their first game session after seeing the clip, which also stoked their excitement.