Minecraft is a game that revolves around four mechanics: mining, exploration, combat, and construction. While mining, combat, and exploration take up the majority of a player’s time in the early stages of the game, building is overlooked. This is due to the fact that most construction projects necessitate time and planning.

Within Minecraft’s infinite sandbox world, there are numerous resources to mine and use. Various ores can be found among Minecraft’s resources, with Ancient debris being the rarest and most powerful. Netherite, the game’s strongest material, can be made from ancient debris.

Netherite is commonly used by players for equipment and armor. With enough grinding in survival mode or creative mode, enough Netherite can be gathered to build some beautiful structures.

Minecraft’s top 5 Netherite builds (2021)

The best Netherite builds in Minecraft (2021) are as follows:

5) Tomahawk of the Netherite

A larger-than-life Tomahawk stands at the cave’s mouth in this creation. The handle is mostly made of wood, which gives it a realistic texture similar to that of a weapon handle.

The blade is mostly made of Netherite blocks, which are among the most expensive to craft. It is surrounded by some soul torches to finish the build.

4) Beacon of the Netherite

In Minecraft, a Netherite beacon is a rare and expensive build. Because Netherite is extremely rare, with a 0.004 percent chance of spawning within a chunk exclusively in the Nether, it is one of the most sought-after structures in Minecraft. A dark blue beam flashes up through a Netherite beacon.

3) Temple of the Netherite

Multiple towers and pillars decorated with gold and diamond blocks make up this massive temple made entirely of Netherite blocks. Within the temple, the Netherite exudes an intimidating sense of majesty, almost making it look like a castle. The color and texture of the build complement the savanna biome.

2) Netherite Dream Statue

The structure includes a massive statue of Dream, a popular Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer. Dream is dressed in full Netherite armor, including a shield and a Netherite sword. The statue is supported by a stone base.

1) A Netherite armor wall is erected.

This one-of-a-kind display features 24 armor sets on armor stands, all arranged on a wall next to one another. Given that every armor set was crafted in Survival mode, it makes for an impressive display, according to the OP. The armor sets are on display near an arch-shaped doorway.

Netherite has a variety of properties in Minecraft, including high durability and fire resistance. Netherite weapons, tools, and armor can be enchanted to make players nearly invincible. Using Netherite as a building material is also the ultimate sign of a dedicated survival player.