Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel learned the hard way on Easter Sunday that fame and money are not always an easy ride when his home came dangerously close to being broken into.

The streamer described the situation in full on Twitch, including how the police allegedly were unable to assist because of the vacation. xQc is no stranger to the spotlight as one of the most well-known users on the Twitch network. However, xQc is now going through a difficult time since the split with his former partner Adept is the subject of heated debate among the Twitch community. All of his personal problems, however, were immediately set aside when he learned that someone was attempting to get into his property from a notification from his home security system.

During his stream, controversial streamer xQc described the terrifying incident. He said he was getting ready for a late-night broadcast when the alert appeared on his phone. When he checked the video feed, he noticed a man tinkering with his security system’s coding and attempting to interfere with the cameras.

Unsurprisingly startled, xQc called the police right away to ask for help. He was surprised to learn that the problem wasn’t urgent and that the authorities couldn’t help because it was Easter Sunday and they were closed. Twitch streamer xQc found this attitude to be discouraging and voiced his displeasure on stream, emphasizing the need of maintaining constant awareness and having access to emergency assistance in such dangerous circumstances. Thankfully, things did not become worse and xQc’s house was safe and secure. 

The attempted break-in that the Twitch streamer experienced serves as a reminder of the value of personal protection for influencers. The scenario could have been considerably worse if the burglar had gained entry to the house, even if the police were unable to respond because of the vacation. This tragedy should serve as a reminder to influencers to take preventative measures to protect their houses and themselves, particularly in situations when they cannot rely on prompt police aid. Sadly, xQc’s circumstance is not unusual. Amouranth, a fellow female Twitch streamer, encountered a persistent stalker’s intrusion in early March. The stalker approached one of her house employees in an attempt to break into her house when she was away at a boxing news conference.

Fortunately, the staff member quickly closed the door to keep the stalker out. After Amouranth reported the incident to the police, the stalker was taken into custody for breaking both restraining and trespassing orders.