When Atrioc was recently discovered gazing at nude photos of female broadcasters during a live show, deepfakes caused chaos in the streaming community.

Since then, well-known streamer xQc has given his viewpoint on the subject and criticized Twitch viewers for tolerating the use of deepfakes. He said on a live stream on Monday; “People come at my house, man. This aren’t things that I want. I get it, some things come with the terrain, but if you say, dude, you get paid this amount… bro, it’s still trash. This content they’re putting out of these girls genuinely fosters that exact behavior. But more importantly, they didn’t ask for it. That’s the problem.”

Users can edit the face of a famous person onto live content by creating deepfake content using AI, and the results can be incredibly realistic. For instance, earlier this month while streaming, a streamer altered Keanu Reeves’ face on them. People’s refusal to give their approval for the usage of their photographs in these deepfakes is the problem. It’s extremely problematic and forbidden in many parts of the world.

Since the technology became more accessible, deepfakes have frequently targeted female streamers. Over the past few years, a lot of streamers have expressed worry about this, but it is very difficult to track down the offenders. Because of this, users must manually report content to get it removed. 

Streamer QTCinderella pledged to sue the deepfake website he was allegedly utilizing following the issue surrounding Atrioc.