While watching a video on a Guinness World Records holder, Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel and his viewers were taken aback.

A clip of Samantha Ramsdell, an American woman with the “world’s largest mouth,” sending xQc shrinking away from his screen yelling profanities, who had grossly underestimated the size of it, sent him yelling profanities.

Felix Lengyel AKA xQc interacts with his Twitch viewers on a regular basis. On his most recent stream, the French-Canadian included a video featuring Samantha Ramsdell, the “World’s Biggest Mouth.”

He began to watch the video with caution, intrigued. The video began with a scene of her talking to the camera in which nothing seemed out of the ordinary, prompting him to inquire as to what was going on.

Ramsdell was explaining at the time that most people didn’t notice anything unusual about her when she spoke or when they encountered her in her daily life. However, as soon as xQc expressed his thoughts, she unintentionally demonstrated the true size of her mouth, prompting a scream from the streamer.

He burst out laughing, eating his words as soon as they were said. His audience was also taken aback by the size of the display, which they had not anticipated. Throughout the video, xQc appeared perplexed by what he was seeing, stunned by a particular facial feature. He tried to stretch his mouth as far as she could, but he didn’t come close.

xQc had some interesting and exciting news to share with his viewers in addition to reacting to videos on YouTube. He has confirmed his reservation for a McLaren 720S Spider, which costs upwards of $300,000.

Lengyel also appeared as a guest judge on AustinShow’s Talent Show, where he saw a variety of acts, including a 540 double backflip on a scooter. JustaMinx, JSchlat, and Andy Milonakis accompanied him.