Twitch streamer Justketh hilariously fell out of her chair at a roadside pub while livestreaming on her Twitch channel.

Justketh is a Bangkok-based Twitch streamer, her streams are typically 10 to 12 hours long and fall under the category “Just Chatting,” including street exploration and interactions with viewers She appeared to have had a few drinks before falling off a chair at a bar during one of her lengthy streams, and was seen wandering the streets of Vietnam in a 12-and-a-half-hour stream titled “Vietnam checking in beach city.”

The stream begins with her describing her routine and itinerary while checking in at a Vietnamese airport, before meeting a friend, she checks into a hotel. They then explore new places and go to a variety of pubs and restaurants. Later, she set up her camera in one of the roadside bars and went there as well.

The Thai-born streamer went to put her arm around her friend’s shoulder while speaking to the stream in Siamese, but as she did so, she lost her footing in her chair and fell in front of her live audience.

She was quickly rescued and helped up by the attendant and her friend. The scene also confused any onlookers. She was fortunate not to suffer any injuries or harm. She quickly rose and sat back on a chair the waitress had kindly offered to replace after picking up her drink, her return to her hotel, reflection on the proceedings, and interaction with her fans marked the end of the stream.

A user going by the handle u/Solidsoundz posted the brief video on the well-liked Reddit forum r/LivestreamFail on Tuesday. Some viewers expressed sympathy for the streamer while others found the entire incident to be humorous in the comments section of the post.

IRL streams, also referred to as IRL streams, are what justketh mainly broadcasts. She travels to various regions of the nation and even abroad. Her Twitch channel currently has close to 50k subscribers. Additionally, she has a YouTube channel where she posts brief clips of her daily excursions and streams.