Former Overwatch League pro and current top streamer Felix Lengyel AKA xQc was playing Dota 2 on stream when he received one of the best baits you’ll ever see.

xQc has gotten into arguments with people in the past for favoring Dota 2 over League of Legends. He has previously criticized Riot Games’ MOBA, saying in December that it lacks the depth of Dota 2.

That presents a problem because xQc has streamed many League of Legends. He hardly ever plays Dota 2. He recently made a brief stream in Valve’s MOBA and unavoidably made a hilarious highlight. xQc thought he was set up for an easy kill while playing as carry Faceless Void against a feeding Wraith King after getting a double damage rune. He was still a farmed level 17 carry even though his ultimate wasn’t active, and his prey was poor and under-leveled.

The issue was that the opposing team could see xQc and was awaiting his arrival. When Time Walked up to the Wraith King, he was surprised to see him blink away just in time. The trap was activated. Right next to him, a rival Pudge attacked with an ultimate. A Shadow Fiend with a Shadow Blade performed another ultimate while still invisible.

Naturally, the feeding Wraith King took advantage of the opportunity to get a free assist and moved back to ensure a kill with a stun. Each of the three heroes involved in the kill gained a level for their efforts, and the sequence left xQc in awe and gave the opposing team a big boost.

It’s difficult to tell how good xQc is at Dota 2, but his Twitch stream performances indicate he has much more skill than the average player.

xQc participated in a few matches and had impressive individual stats in each of them. The highlight was a position-one Slark game that he won in 40 minutes while recording 28 kills and 801 GPM.

Players at the pro level in any skill-based game tend to just be very good at video games in general, even though Overwatch and Dota 2 are very different games. Dota 2 players on the US East server should be pleased if they see xQc join their squad even though he probably won’t become a pro.

However, xQc was playing against unranked, arbitrary opponents, and he hasn’t revealed his MMR. The precise extent of his abilities is still unknown at this time.