Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel of Twitch was brutally teased by his chat after failing to realize that he wasn’t actually streaming any gameplay of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

One benefit of being the most watched streamer on Twitch is having a dedicated following, which xQc undoubtedly has. The streamer’s fans have frequently collaborated to hilarious effect, mocking his fellow creators and even Fox News.

The group isn’t afraid to play the other side and troll xQc occasionally, as was evident during his livestream on August 4 after he encountered a technical issue.

xQc was happily playing Rainbow Six while completely oblivious to the fact that nothing from the game was being displayed on his screen. His audience could only see him and a white screen as a result.

As xQc continued playing with his friends, his chat was inundated with spectators making jokes about the “astonishing gameplay.” xQc retaliated against his fans for mocking and laughing at him after finally realizing that he wasn’t streaming any of the game, but when he told his teammates about the error, they too burst into laughter.

They added that given how well xQc was playing, it was even funnier. However, xQc quickly resumed play on his steam and didn’t let the amusing incident prevent him from supporting his team to victory.