Hugely popular Twitch streamer xQc revealed a prompt named “Moving to Kick” after utilizing ChatGPT to resolve a dispute with his chat. This was perhaps a little more than he intended to.

Today, while streaming on Twitch, xQc opened the AI chatbot ChatGPT after attempting to answer a question unrelated to the topic with his audience. Users soon picked up on a prompt from yesterday that appeared to be proof that the 27-year-old had switched to the competing streaming service Kick during this time. The celebrity immediately denied having any part in coming up with the ChatGPT question, but viewers on his chat quickly came to believe otherwise. 

xQc said; “Oh, my god. Guys, I didn’t write that. I didn’t write that. I didn’t write that, it’s not my account. Oh, my god, bro, who did this? Yesterday I wasn’t even at the computer, I wasn’t even at the computer, dude. What the fuck. Guys, that’s just troll, bro. That is so troll. That is so troll, dude. That is just troll, I didn’t do this. This chat is so fucking dumb, dude.”

There is a chance that the prompt wasn’t created by the celebrity himself because, according to several users on the popular streaming community LivestreamFails, xQc utilizes one of his VIP viewers’ premium ChatGPT accounts. It’s plausible that this was a joke being pulled on him given that he seemed to find the whole thing at least mildly amusing. XQc seems to support the VIP account notion by concluding the conversation by declaring that his account is “shared” in his chat.

Others have commented that the prompt’s flawless grammar is evidence that xQc had nothing to do with its design.