Felix “xQc” Lengyel has had an eventful year in 2021, securing many of the top positions on Amazon’s streaming platform. With his impressive streaming hours, viewer and subscriber counts, and more, he cemented his place as the king of Twitch for the second year in a row.

xQc has been named Twitch’s top streamer for the second year in a row, according to StreamElements’ end-of-year report.

According to a report from StreamElements, the former Overwatch pro racked up over 261 million hours watched on Twitch, far outnumbering other streamers like Gaules and HasanAbi. However, given that he has streamed almost every single day of the year, it’s not surprising that the streamer has amassed such a large number of viewer hours.

xQc only missed a few days of streaming in July and a longer period in November while relocating. His streaming hours, on the other hand, have always been something to be proud of. xQc was able to stream for an average of 9.2 hours per day in 2021. Naturally, his long streaming sessions have aided him in achieving the top spot on the purple platform.

The fact that xQc is a variety streamer, as Pokimane previously stated, makes him more valuable to Twitch. Meaning that xQc can still get millions of viewers and views by doing anything and everything he wants on stream, whether it’s ‘Just Chatting’ streams or entertaining GTA RP gameplay.

As a result, because his audience isn’t dependent on a specific type of content, he can do whatever he wants without getting bored or worrying about viewer numbers.

Despite his numerous accolades, xQc’s year in 2021 wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Several times, the streamer stated that he was burned out and that he took a few days off to recover. He stated unequivocally that, while he could have streamed if he so desired, he would wait until he felt better to create quality content.

In addition, xQc received two Twitch bans in 2021, the first for streaming the Olympics and the second for live-streaming Kanye West’s DONDA.

Despite all of this, xQc emerged from 2021 with 9.7 million Twitch followers.