Mizkif was called out on stream by BruceDropEmOff for being “weird” after receiving texts from the Twitch star following the announcement of his departure from OTK.

On January 24, BruceDropEmOff posted a brief message on Twitter praising OTK and announcing his departure. After joining the organization alongside Mizkif, Esfand, Asmongold, and others less than a year ago, this has happened. Bruce didn’t mention any justification for his decision to leave OTK in his post. Shortly after, Bruce called out Mizkif on his stream after receiving unfavorable text messages from the Twitch star. 

On January 24, during his stream, Bruce took a little break and then returned to his stream. He said; “Mizkif, stop texting my phone, you are blocked b*tch a*s. Don’t ever come at me like that ever a day in your f*ckin life. I did way more for you than I was ever supposed to. Don’t try to come at me… You’re supposed to be sending good energy. I should have left when your b*tch a*s got exposed. That’s that weird sh*t, I don’t like that. F*ck you now. Now it’s f*ck you. You are weird as f*ck. There’s no drama it’s just weird energy because I left.”

Bruce went on to say that he has “more than enough” friends to be seen on Mizkif’s most recent feeds. He added; “I was more than enough of a friend to even come on your stream and stick my neck out for your white a*s when I knew some of my viewers never forgave you.”

Ice Poseidon published text messages from Mizkif that used homophobic and racial slurs back in September 2022, and it appears that Bruce and his neighborhood aren’t too thrilled about it. Along with that, he was accused of aiding in the cover-up of a sexual assault, though the attorney OTK retained to look into the matter cleared Mizkif of any wrongdoing.