Twitch streamer Dimitri Antonatos aka GreekGodx has now revealed that he is planning on ending his hiatus early as expected and making a return on Twitch after stating that “money is tight”.

Back in July, Twitch streamer GreekGodx has made headlines after he slammed twitch streamers Alinity and Mizkif for their IRL stream where they called the waiter a racist after allegedly getting annoyed at korean streamer HAchubby as she struggles to speak in English.

After GreekGodx shared his thoughts about the drama, he further called the fans to “stop watching streamers” live their lives for them. Followed by an announcement that he will be taking a break from streaming as he stated that he is done with streaming for a while.

During the time of his hiatus, some streamers such as Pokimane and Nmplol revealed that Greekgodx seemingly cut ties with them as Pokimane claimed that GreekGodx has blocked her on Twitter. Now, in less than a month after his hiatus, GreekGodx has announced that he will be returning to twitch because he needs the money, and his fans can’t wait to see him pick up where he left off.

Here’s what he wrote on his August 22nd Twitter post: “I’m going to go back to streaming soon for the people who watch me. It’s going to be some IRL stuff. I know you love me watching videos for 8+hrs but I’m going to have to provide some content. Money is tight. see you soon stay updated. IRL KING will be back soon.” On his August 26th tweet, Greek revealed he’ll be returning within a week and admitted he’s excited to get the ball rolling again.