What are the chances that Rich Campbell and The Wonton Don would cross paths in the middle of the day on the same Venetian pier? It isn’t zero, it appears.

Rich Campbell and Cyr, creators of One True King, have spent the last week and a half traveling and livestreaming their adventures throughout Italy with actor and streamer Andrew “Andy” Milokanis.

Then something unexpected occurred. Andy panned the camera from a shivering Rich to a mysterious stream sniper approaching them with what appeared to be a piece of clothing in his hand. But all’s well that ends well, as the non-malicious sniper was revealed to be none other than Donnie “The Wonton Don,” a self-described cultural cosmonaut from Barstool Sports.

It was almost as if Donnie was Rich’s guardian angel, because he came bearing something that Rich desperately needed at the time. Donnie later revealed on Twitter that his unexpected guest appearance was not completely coincidental.

It’s not like he jumped on a plane to help a friend out right away. Donnie introduced himself to the squad on Twitch and stated that he currently resides in Venice.

Rich seemed relieved that Donnie was in the right place at the right time, because he could have shivered for a long time if he hadn’t been.

Donnie responded to Andy’s tweet shortly before going live on the livestream, and The Wonton Don fans can expect to see new types of content from the creator in the near future. After explaining how he learned about Andy’s whereabouts in Venice, he expressed his interest in doing live streams.

Rich Campbell and his crew were pleasantly surprised to run into and meet such a well-known traveler in a foreign country. It must be convenient to have an on-call tour guide to show them around Italy before they leave. In fact, there are still more than ten days left.