Popular Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc has recently called out the police in the GTA RP NoPixel server stating that they are having double standards when it comes to voice identification.

Several biggest streamers have been joining NoPixel’s wildly popular Grand Theft Auto online server including twitch streamer Summit1g, Sykkuno, xQc and more. xQc is popular with his Jean Paul character who is known to have a tumultuous relationship with the channel’s police force. xQc even got banned multiple times from the server because of some of his heated altercations with the police officers in the server that eventually led him to get permanently banned on the main server.

Now, during his July 15th live broadcast, he went on a short rant calling out some NoPixel GTA RP police officers for having double standards when it comes to voice identification. While playing on the server, xQc spoke to his viewers arguing that he is being singled out by the NoPixel police department during bank robberies because they recognize his real voice.

He then used twitch streamer Sykkuno as an example of double standards as he stated; “How often does Sykkuno get caught with voice ID? How often? NEVER! Because whether like you or not, or like your character or not, they will use or not use voice ID. When it shouldn’t be about how much you enjoy a character. It should be a blanket thing that applies across the board!”

Despite xQc’s heated rant, he was clearly not criticizing Sykkuno as they are actually close friends and collaborate often. xQc’s issue is more to do with NoPixel police, who he claims are inconsistent when it comes to using voice identification during crimes.