During a cooking livestream earlier today, Twitch streamer Zoil accidentally set off his house’s fire alarm.

Zoil was hosting a cooking stream on a regular basis and decided to cook “Beef Wellington” during his recent one. He went off camera at first to organize the kitchen and the ingredients he was going to show off.

He took his time preparing the steak, but he appeared to overheat the pan he was cooking in near the end. As the smoke eventually triggered the house fire alarm, his Twitch viewers watched on.

The Twitch content creator took a long time to decide what he wanted to cook for his breakfast cooking stream at first. The streamer enjoys a wide range of games, but he primarily hosts “Just chatting” streams. He eventually decided to prepare a “Beef Wellington” and went to the kitchen to gather the necessary ingredients.

The streamer flaunted a hefty steak and spent a significant amount of time meticulously garnishing it. When it came time to cook, however, many of his viewers were concerned. Because Zoil appeared to be overheating the pan and had his cooker set to maximum, this was the case.

While some of his viewers were concerned, Zoil appeared to be in command and completely focused on the steak. He flipped it towards the end, and the garnish appeared to be burned. A fire alarm went off in the background as the kitchen filled with smoke, leaving Zoil perplexed.

The streamer removed the pan from the stove and turned it off. The steak, on the other hand, had already been burned and was still emitting smoke. As his roommates appeared to wake up, Zoil eventually left the dish behind. After speaking with his friend/roommate, he walked up to the first floor and returned.

The overcooked steak was later revealed to the audience. The streamer decided to throw it in a blender and finish cooking later. The fire alarm eventually went off on its own, allowing the streamer to breathe a sigh of relief. The cooking stream could have gone much worse, with some fans speculating that the streamer may have burned down his house.

Reddit users appeared to share the same concerns. Zoil may not be the best cook in the world, but he is known for his exceptional gaming abilities. The Twitch streamer has 69.3k followers and plays games like Mario Kart 8, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, and Red Dead Redemption 2.