The Valorant community was shocked to learn Kyedae had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia a month prior.

With thousands of viewers every stream, Kyedae is currently one of the most well-known Valorant steamers in the scene. Fans of the livestream were therefore taken aback when she revealed her condition. Since then, the 21-year-old has the full support of the neighborhood. Now that she had lost her hair due to the treatment, Kyedae made the decision to shave it. Her close friend Daph, who shaved her own hair in solidarity of Kyedae, was with her. One of NA’s most well-known and influential creators of valuable material is Kyedae. She just appeared at the Game Changers Open Qualifiers while representing 100 Thieves. The 21-year-old’s year has undoubtedly been busy and dramatic.

She was in a difficult situation as a result of the cancer diagnosis, and online trolls were even making disparaging comments about the streamer. However, she was unperturbed and responded to them appropriately. But having a medical ailment while being a public person can occasionally be quite difficult.

Kyedae made the decision to forego streaming her head-shaving because she did not want to capitalize on her condition. Kyedae said; “I feel like not everything needs to be shared on social media.”

The winner of the 2022 Valorous Steamer of the Year Award wishes to remain anonymous at this time. Before she removed her hair, Kyedae also said in a stream that she wasn’t sure of her mental state at the time. We can all agree with what she said, especially considering how important mental health is, particularly in tough times. 

Kyedae is currently wearing a red wig that is slightly paler than her dyed hair. In her most recent stream, Kyedae allowed her viewers to see her window shop for wigs. Daph was heard chatting about her own shaved head in a humorous manner. She made light of the situation in her most recent stream by joking that ‘she has a dent-less skull’.

Kyedae has also been making jokes about losing her hair, and she was even overheard laughing with Derke from Fnatic. If you don’t already know, Derke elected to have a shaven head and was also one of the most deadly players at the VCT Lock//In. Kyedae was so heard discussing how she would receive the “Buld Buff” in the following days. Fans are praising Kyedae for handling everything well, and we can all pray for a speedy recovery for the outstanding content creator.