Playing with a well-known streamer isn’t always a pleasurable experience. Valorous players are enraged that Twitch impressions have ruined their ranked games.

Valorant has a smurfing problem, and Riot Games has been working hard to eliminate it from the source. A new type of troll, however, has made its way into competitive queues, and players aren’t happy about it. Streamers are now farming viewers by throwing games, which is ruining serious players’ ranked experience.

High-ranked players have long been accused of lurking in low-ELO lobbies to help their friends. In order to combat the smurfing problem, Riot Games implemented five-stack queues. Streamers, on the other hand, continue to be an issue. Some players are taking chances with serious games in order to create content for their YouTube channel.

It’s not easy to rise through the ranks in Valorant, as it’s a brutal shooter that necessitates precise gunplay and teamwork. It’s impossible to advance in rank if you’re on a team that throws on purpose. In higher MMR Valorant, this is exactly what has been happening. Snagfat, a brave player, brought up the issue of Immortal level streamers creating content at the expense of important ranked games.

According to Snagfat, he played with a group of streamers in his Silver lobby who happened to be Immortals. The smurfing was obvious, but that wasn’t the main issue. When these streamers began throwing purposefully by revealing teammates’ positions, the game took a turn for the worse.

Competitive Valorant necessitates intense concentration, which means less joking and more work. The creators of content show no regard for the ranked games. They’re not only throwing, but they’re doing it in lobbies with low ELO. Snagfat claims that the smurfs don’t mind deranking as long as they get content. Silver players, on the other hand, suffer significant losses because this ELO is already difficult to escape.

Riot Games currently does not have a policy in place to address the smurfing streamer issue, but it is investigating Snagfat’s complaint. For the time being, players can only hope to avoid queueing with streamers in their rank-up games.

To report a player in Valorant, open the menu by pressing the Escape key during the game. You’ll see a scoreboard with all of the players’ names on it, as well as a report option next to each name. Choose a reason for the report next to a player’s name. If your situation is unique, you can also type a message.