Former Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren who is now a YouTube Gaming star, got a call from Jimmy “MrBeast” during one of the latter’s most recent live streaming streams.

The streamer appeared a little tense as a result of what MrBeast had to say or had planned for him, but he tried to stay focused on the conversation with MrBeast. MrBeast revealed his plans for Ludwig and stated that he planned to fly the YouTube Gaming content creator to his location in the coming days.

When the YouTube Gaming star received an unexpected call from MrBeast, one of the platform’s biggest and most influential content creators, he was taken aback. MrBeast asked Ludwig how he was doing when he answered the phone.

Following the introduction, MrBeast quickly moved on to the main reason for his call, inquiring about Ludwig’s plans for the following Friday.

Ludwig paused for a few moments, realizing what MrBeast might have in store for him, and then quietly whispered a few words before continuing the conversation.

Mr. Beast interrupted him and requested that he cancel his shoot because he had other plans for Friday. MrBeast then confirmed that Ludwig would be picked up on a private jet on Thursday night by MrBeast. Ludwig, amused by what he had just said, inquired as to how long it would take.

MrBeast will send the former Twitch streamer home on the same private jet. When Ludwig tried to get some time to ponder and think about how to plan his trip, MrBeast firmly stated that he was counting on his participation.

MrBeast abruptly ended the call, leaving the YouTube streamer speechless. This conversation and topic comes to a close.

Fans in the YouTube comment section were taken aback when they heard what MrBeast had to say and do in such an unexpected way.

MrBeast is well-known for his large-scale video projects. The YouTuber has gone on to make a mark on the platform in the coming years, from organizing a $456k IRL Squid Game tournament to giving away one million meals for his philanthropic endeavors. MrBeast is now on his way to dethroning gaming legend Felix “PewDiePie” as the most subscribed YouTuber.