For many long-time Warzone players, the expulsion of Verdansk from the universe still hurts, but perhaps not as much as it appears. Caldera came out on top in a public vote, with the majority of players preferring the tropical island in Warzone Pacific.

Despite Activision and Raven Software’s claims, have we really seen the end of Verdansk? That’s something we’re not 100% certain about. Time and time again, Fortnite has brought back old POIs, most recently with Tilted Towers because Apex Legends does not want to deprive its fans of the content they enjoy, the game’s four maps are rotated regularly and never relegated to the Apex vault.

It’s been nearly four months since the start of Caldera and Verdansk. Caldera isn’t universally liked, according to a quick look at Reddit, Twitter, Twitch, and a slew of other social media sites, but a vote proves otherwise.

Caldera’s trailers and footage received a lot of positive feedback from the beginning. Caldera’s early hands-on with streamers was a good sign that it was on track to address many of its predecessor’s flaws. The game’s first few weeks, however, were a disaster, with broken textures, the demon gun glitch returning, and even morphing into a new form.

Caldera’s fights became more and more repetitive as the games progressed, and it became clear that because the island is so open and not as crowded as Verdansk, the fights on Caldera were very repetitive.

To top it off, Raven Software’s highly anticipated RICOCHET anti-cheat is still failing to keep hackers and cheaters out.

The popular Warzone Twitter account ModernWarzone conducted an interesting poll that simply asked: “Which Warzone map is better?”

Caldera won 51 percent to 49 percent of the vote, which will no doubt surprise many.

Obviously, this isn’t a huge victory, but it is a majority victory for Caldera. In fact, if you look at the statistics, it’s very likely that the majority of Warzone players prefer Caldera to Verdansk.

This suggests that Caldera isn’t as bad as it appears, even if the vote across a million players was more like a 55 percent win for Verdansk, for example. It’s more likely that the technical issues are to blame, rather than the map itself.