Each new year refers to a new sense of optimism. Dr Disrespect isn’t the only one who starts the new year with a list of resolutions. On January 1st, the Twitch star turned YouTuber posted an image to Twitter with a list of five (5) resolutions for 2022.

To say the least, Doc’s list is idealistic, including goals like starting a “bourbon business” and even releasing a “music album.” However, the most interesting entry on the list is his goal to get “unbanned and massive payment,” a clear citation on Doc’s ongoing issues with his previous streaming platform. 

Dr Disrespect was previously one of Twitch’s most well-known personalities, but his collaboration inexplicably ended in the summer of 2020. Neither side offered a public justification for the streamer’s suspension from the platform. Dr. Disrespect has said several times in the previous year and a half that he intends to sue over the prohibition, but it’s never been clear what grounds he’ll use or if he’ll be successful.

The streamer also added that for a long time that he had no idea why he was banned, but that changed in August of last year. He’s also alleged that because of Twitch’s suspension, he’s been blacklisted by companies like EA.

In addition to Dr Disrespect’s goals, he also mentions the prospect of raising $100 million for Midnight Society and announced the new development studio last month, alongside former members of Infinity Ward and 343 Industries. The developer’s first project has yet to be announced, but initial concept art for the project has been released. Video game development is expensive, and it will surely be interesting to see whether he can help Midnight Society raise the funds necessary to make a quality game. 

Dr. Disrespect also suggests the possibility of raising $100 million for Midnight Society in addition to his list. Last month, the streamer, former members of Infinity Ward, and 343 Industries unveiled the new development studio. Although the developer’s first project has yet to be revealed, initial concept art has been posted. Creating a video game is quite costly, so it will be fascinating to see if he can assist Midnight Society in raising the finances needed to create a high-quality game.

The fact that one is at the top of the list indicates where the Doc’s priorities are but without a doubt, Dr. Disrespect has great plans for 2022.