Valkyrae has been attempting to rebrand in recent months. The American streamer made the shocking decision to change her Twitter username to ‘JUST VALKY’ just a few days ago. Given the Addison Rae ‘Screen Break’ controversy, it’s understandable that the streamer would want to distance herself from the product before the loose links “RFLCTed” poorly on her.

The streamer, however, changed her username yet again on February 7, this time to just ‘Rachel.’ She tweeted, “I’ve been Rae for so long that Rachel just doesn’t feel right.” Her fans have been taken aback by the move, with many wondering why the streamer has made so many changes in such a short period of time.

The ‘Queen of YouTube’ recently found herself in a difficult situation. Many netizens noticed the similarity between Addison Rae’s blue-light-protecting face mist, ‘Screen Break,’ and Valkyrae’s association with RFLCT after she released it. The skincare line had failed miserably for the co-founder of 100 Thieves. Rae quickly rebranded on Twitter to exclude herself from the Sun’raes’, which she did in a hilarious tweet.

Valkyrae, on the other hand, has gone from being ‘JUST VALKY’ to simply ‘Rachel’ in less than a week. And the news has been making the rounds on the internet.

However, it is unclear whether Valkyrae intends to keep this username in the long run. Having recently returned to YouTube after a streaming hiatus, the streamer has a lot on her plate right now. Rae has also renewed her contract with the red platform, though she has refused to reveal any details.

Valkyrae talks with Disguised Toast on a recent episode of the OfflineTV Podcast about feeling guilty after leaving Twitch, how it felt to disappoint her fans, and the challenges she faced while transitioning to a new platform. It’s a good thing she didn’t change her mind again.