Apex Legends players can expect a few more LTMs in the near future, including ones that will test new ideas and mechanics, according to Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends debuted in February of 2019 with just the main battle royale mode, but it has since grown significantly over the last three years.

Arenas have been added as a permanent addition to the battle royale mode, and there have been a slew of LTMs – limited-time modes – over the last few seasons, with the likes of Control and Second Chance offering a distinct experience from the main game.

These LTMs have also been used by Respawn to test new features that could become permanent additions to the battle royale or a spin-off like Arenas. This will continue in the future.

The Loadout spoke with Apex Legends game director Steve Ferreira and design director Evan Nikolich about the battle royale’s future plans and where it could go in the coming years.

Nikolich stated that Respawn is all about “experimenting and trying new things” in order to provide “variety” to the fan base as well as testing potential new features.

Ferreria also stated that the developers will continue to innovate, but they want to keep the game’s feel the same.

So, while the game may see some changes in the near future, don’t expect anything too drastic.