YouTube streamer Valkyrae recently mocked Disguised Toast after the OfflineTV star used devious tactics to win his Race to Kill Elden Ring Boss Invitational.

For many players, the infamous Tree Sentinel side boss is their first experience jumping into FromSoftware’s Elden Ring. The Golden Knight is strategically placed at the entrance to the tutorial area of the game and has the ability to wipe out characters in a matter of seconds.

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang of Twitch challenged Ludwig Ahgren, Sykkuno, kkatamina, and Valkyrae of Twitch to see who could defeat the nefarious NPC first. However, the owner of 100 Thieves roasted the OfflineTV star for “cheating” in his own competition.

The Elden Ring competition was organized by the OfflineTV streamer in March, and he challenged his friends to take on the difficult FromSoftware boss using the game’s Wretch Class. The streamers competed with only a giant club to see who could beat the infamous knight on horseback terrorizing Limgrave.

Valkyrae teased Wang during the Invitational after he used a devious strategy to gain an advantage over the competition. The owner of 100 Thieves sniped, which was hilarious. Their witty banter had the audience in stitches.

After a close race with Ludwig, Disguised Toast was the one who brought down the Tree Sentinel first. Following his victory, however, Sykkuno mocked OfflineTV Creator’s strategy.

Valkyrae and Sykkuno were, of course, joking, and everything was good fun. Although the purest Soulsborne fans might have something to say about it, watching a VOD of an Elden Ring boss before fighting them isn’t technically cheating.

Given that the competition was over in under an hour, the streamers’ ability to defeat the Tree Sentinel with nothing more than a loincloth and a club is quite impressive. The group had so much fun that they hinted at a possible contest sequel, which would be fantastic.