One of the most popular League of Legends streamers on Twitch Tyler Steinkamp, better known by his online alias tyler1, T1 or TT, has come one major step closer to reaching his goal as he recently achieved Challenger rank while only playing mid in season 11.

Tyler1 is one of the most popular League of Legends online personalities with more than 4.4 million followers on Twitch.

His first League of Legends stream after reinstatement peaked at over 386,000 viewers on Twitch, a figure that was noted as the website’s largest non-tournament concurrent viewership at the time. He originally became known in the League of Legends community for toxic behavior shown on his stream, which included personally attacking others and intentionally losing the game to the detriment of his teammates. However, this behavior eventually led to permanent bans on 22 unique accounts over several years.

During his recent live broadcast, Tyler1 managed to tear through his opposition, winning all but one of his games to be promoted from Diamond to Master rank. He managed to achieve Challenger earlier this season on a different account while only playing top lane and reached Challenger on both Jungle and ADC accounts in previous seasons.

He recorded one of his fastest times to reach Master to date with 291 games, as opposed to the 419 games when playing Jungle and 824 games while sticking to the top lane. According to OP.GG, Twitch streamer tyler1 has played the most games as Fizz and LeBlanc and has put together an impressive record of 34 wins and just eight losses on Irelia.