Even though JustKeth and JayStreazy have firsthand experience with the bizarre nature of the IRL streamer lifestyle, they only recently learned this lesson again after the latter was bitten by a child while out to dinner in Turkey.

Some of the strangest moments on the internet have resulted from IRL streaming. The bizarre twists of daily life for the content creators who participate in the hobby never seem to end, from streamers getting harassed in the streets to unintentionally interrupting a store robbery.

JustKeth and JayStreazy’s seemingly typical night out in Turkey took an unusual turn when JayStreazy was approached by a young child who was trying to give him a flower. The interaction was routine before the young child approached and grabbed Streazy by the arm, but things took a turn for the worse after that.

The child placed the flower on the table as he approached their table and then turned to expectantly look up at the streamer. He waits a moment after being dismissed before turning around and grabbing the traveling creator by the arm.

He bares his teeth and bites into his would-be benefactor’s arm after being rejected once more, 

then snatches the rose off the table and leaves.

After the child ran away, Keth’s conversation immediately focused on the worst-case scenarios to explain why the young child had decided to turn violent. These theories included everything from rabies to the idea that the bite was a cover for a larger heist. Check your wallet, advised one commenter.

However, nothing more sinister has been reported in the time since the bite, and JayStreazy even turned the incident into a command in his stream for the viewers who missed the odd incident.