Being a Twitch streamer is very different in earnings, according to the content creators themselves, if you perform directly in Latin America, the United States, or Europe, which has recently seen a drop in this aspect in our region’s transmissions.

Something that Coscu and Mom, two of our continent’s most important streamers, brought up again during a direct they did with Ibai Llanos, a popular Spanish content creator.

He also stated that in Latin America, there is a different reality, as you can have a thousand times better numbers than here in spain and still not get anywhere. Streamers have 2,000 viewers and earn 10 or 15 times more than others if they are Spanish. Then they realize why they have to fall into doing promotions to supplement their income.

Twitch is a platform that reigns supreme worldwide, despite the fact that it does not appear to transfer that success in terms of viewers and profits to content creators in certain regions, such as Latin America.