Twitch recently announced that the Doritos Bowl would return in the midst of college football’s multiple championship games. Twitch Rivals will begin on December 6th, with four creators (Swagg, itsHafu, lolTyler1, and iiTzTimmy) assembling their own teams of 20 players for a bit of friendly competition. Starting at 9 a.m. PT, five games will be played throughout the day, including Call of Duty: Warzone, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Golf With Your Friends, and a final mystery game that will be revealed on the day of the competition. Everyone will be competing for a $175k prize pool, in addition to pride and a trophy. Prior to the event, you can read what all of the captains have to say.

Rumay ‘itsHafu’ Wang said he’s ecstatic to be a Doritos Bowl captain, and it’s great to see iconic and revolutionary brands in the gaming space, like Doritos, supporting and empowering female gamers to take their gameplay to new heights. He also said he had a lot of fun hosting his community tournaments through the Doritos Disruptor Series, and he can’t wait for the stacked day of different gameplay that Doritos Bowl It’ll undoubtedly be an event that fans will not want to miss.

Team play is such a big part of League of Legends, according to Tyler ‘lolTyler1’ Steinkamp, and the Doritos Bowl is the ultimate combination of team play because they play five different games in one day. Players must ensure that the people they choose for their team have depth and that they can trust them. He knows he’ll be bringing a strong team to this year’s Doritos Bowl, and he’s warned the rest of the field to brace themselves for some epic action – because the Doritos Bowl is back.

Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An, also explained that not everyone is chosen to participate in the Doritos Bowl, and being named captain is a privilege. It was great to interact with the community at the Doritos Disruptor Series, and he can’t wait to compete against people like Swagg and Tyler who he doesn’t get to see every day in such a unique tournament. The Doritos Bowl will undoubtedly keep him – and his fans – on their toes.

Kris ‘Swagg’ Lamberson was ecstatic to learn that Doritos would be hosting the Doritos Bowl on Twitch Rivals again this year, and he was even more ecstatic to be chosen as one of the four captains. He believes his past experiences give him an advantage over the other teams, and he is looking forward to schooling the other captains with the team he has put together to win the Bowl this year.