Most of us are familiar with Twitch as a game-streaming platform. Twitch Rivals, a competition between streamers for leaderboard placements and viewer entertainment, was introduced as a natural evolution of the platform.

Twitch isn’t just after your video game attention. It has gradually spread its tentacles into other fields where it can ostensibly make a mark. Food is one of them, particularly live streaming of people cooking.

So, on May 21 at 2pm SGT, it will debut Twitch Rivals: Streamer Chef Singapore, in which nine Singapore Twitch streamers will compete in a live-streamed themed cook-off in teams of three.

/Supercatkei, /spicyuuu, /IzCreamz, /Wolfsbanee, /Sukasblood, /Zumi, /rurusama9, /minxkittyy, and /tanggoz are among the streamers. Interestingly, some of these channels aren’t particularly food-oriented, so expect plenty of LOLs along the way.

According to what we’ve seen, the streamers have made an effort to ensure that no epic fails to occur during the stream.

They’ll be given a three-course meal to prepare and will be judged on the food’s taste and presentation, as well as their teamwork and communication.

Some people have not taken this event for granted. Don (/Sukasblood) has been extremely busy this week because it will be a live stream, you, the audience (or chat), will have the opportunity to influence the outcome by voting in polls to help or sabotage your chosen team. For example, requiring them to use a specific ingredient.

Twitch Rivals: Streamer Chef Singapore will begin streaming on May 21 at 2 p.m. SGT on Twitch Rivals and on the channels of the participating streamers.

Before we go, here’s Gordon Ramsay on Next Level Chef being himself.