The Minecraft star Tubbo recently explored the ‘r/TubboHate’ subreddit and hilariously reacted to it on his stream. He primarily streamed about ‘r/place,’ where he and his viewers were creating art. During this time, he discovered this amusing subreddit.

He’s a well-known Minecraft streamer with millions of Twitch and YouTube followers. On the Dream SMP and Origins SMP servers, he is one of the main characters. Many people enjoy his humor and personality in videos and streams. People were taken aback when they discovered a Reddit hate page dedicated to him, but they quickly realized it was a satire and a harmless joke.

During the most recent stream, he was at ‘r/place,’ drawing a small Benson the Duck with his viewers on the canvas. One of his viewers sent him a donation with the message that Redditors of ‘r/TubboHate’ were destroying his artwork while exploring other artworks on the canvas.

The Minecraft streamer was taken aback and began jokingly questioning the subreddit and looking for it on the website. He went to a new tab on Reddit and found the amusing page. After seeing a page dedicated to hating him, he kept expressing his surprise.

He also mentioned that there were only four people on it and that there were only a few posts. The members had negatively captioned a few of his photos and artworks in the posts.

Viewers of his stream sent a lot of laughing emojis because they knew it was just a joke and not a serious page. Some of them went so far as to join the Reddit page and mention it on his stream.

The Minecraft streamer eventually returned to the r/place canvas to reassure his viewers that Benson the Duck’s artwork was still fine and that no one was messing with it.

r/place is a Reddit page where people can flock and color small pixels at a set interval of time to create a canvas. The collaborative project debuted in 2017 on April Fools’ Day and will return in 2022.

Redditors from all over the world converge on the massive canvas to create whatever they want. The r/place canvas represents everything that is popular on Reddit, from country flags to funny memes. Because he is a well-known streamer, he has a large number of fans and followers across all social media platforms who keep tweeting about his updates and streams.

People flocked to Twitter after learning about the hilarious Reddit page and hilariously tweeted about it. Some were taken aback when they saw the page, while others realized it was a joke and joined in.