Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd Lazar aka Summit1g revealed his genuine thoughts on the game and why he isn’t quite ready to join in when questioned about joining on the New World hype train.

The brand-new Amazon Games Studios MMO has arrived, bringing with it a deluge of fan support. New World has spent time near the top of Twitch in the days since its debut, and fans have been screaming its praises all over the internet. However, this is not the case with summit.

While many famous streamers have jumped on board with the new game, including his personal friend Shroud, it seems like Summit1g himself isn’t convinced. He spoke honestly about his reservations with the upcoming game during a Twitch stream on September 30th stating; “When it comes to New World, I’m just going to let other people be testing the waters. We’ll see if it’s good through them. I don’t want to spend my whole day grinding.”

He then went on to say that games like New World, which are all about grinding and eventually reaching some sort of stat maximum, aren’t as enjoyable as titles that provide more competitive gameplay. He added; “I’d rather get nice, cheeky 1v1s than 6v6s and sh*t like that. That’s the thing about MMO’s – there’s a ceiling and everybody hits it. It means everyone else below them catches up.”

This isn’t the first time the streamer has expressed doubts about the game’s suitability for him. He had expressed his dissatisfaction with the game’s combat systems in August, and he was definitely not impressed. 

New World has captured many supporters’ hearts and it appears unlikely that they will be able to add summit to the list anytime soon.