Twitch may appear simple to the untrained eye. After all, it’s just a place where people congregate to watch others play video games. But it’s more than that, because Twitch has developed its own culture over time, and each Twitch channel has its own set of traditions.

You might be confused by all the inside jokes and logos some viewers have next to their names if you enter the chat of a streamer you’re unfamiliar with. The logos next to their names could indicate that they’re some of the stream’s more notable viewers, or they could simply be there to highlight existing membership.

Here are all of the Twitch badges, along with their descriptions.

Chat badges for different types of users

Twitch Staff: This icon is only given to Twitch employees. You may not want to overstep your boundaries toward other users if you see one of these icons in the chat.

Admins: Admins are the closest to the Twitch Staff in terms of badges. Only paid employees who review reports and enforce Twitch’s Terms of Service are given the Admin badge.

Broadcasters: In the majority of popular streams, users will create a secondary account with the same username as the streamer but a few different letters. Some new viewers may be confused by these individuals, believing they are conversing with the streamer. If you’re not sure if you’re chatting with the channel’s owner, look to see if they have a red broadcaster icon next to their name.

Chat moderator: Each channel has its own set of rules, which will be enforced by moderators. The channel owner usually chooses chat moderators, who are indicated by a green sword.

Verified: Users who have been verified by Twitch receive the Verified icon. When a streamer joins the platform as a partner, they are verified.

VIP: There will be a few viewers who will have a slight advantage over the rest of the chat. Streamers only give the VIP icon to a few people in the chat. The majority of VIPs are close friends, relatives, or long-time chatters. Although VIPs are immune to chat and channel moderation settings, they are still subject to broadcaster time-outs.

Badges for chatting

Turbo User: Users who subscribe to Twitch’s monthly premium user service receive the Turbo User icon.

Prime Gaming User: Users who use Twitch’s premium user service with additional benefits, Amazon Prime, are awarded the Prime Gaming User badge.