Popular Twitch streamer Ludwig recently gave an update to his fans on his partner QTCinderella’s condition after she was taken to the ER after colliding with a glass door.

Twitch streamers are known for doing strange things and getting themselves into trouble both on and off camera, but it’s still unusual when a stream is interrupted by someone being seriously injured. Twitch streamer Ludwig recently had to cut short a live stream to take his partner and fellow Twitch streamer QTCinderella, to the hospital after she collided with a glass door.

When QTCinderella stumbled into the room clutching her nose, the stream in question was abruptly interrupted. This isn’t the first time QTCinderella has been involved in a Twitch drama, but it could be the first time it was from an accident.

Ludwig quickly ended his stream after pausing it to check on his partner—in retrospect, this was most likely the moment he realized her girlfriend was seriously hurt. Following that, he then updated his Twitter, explaining why he’d ended the stream and gave an update on QTCinderella’s condition. He explained that she had collided head-on with a glass door and needed to be taken to the emergency room. She is said to be fine, despite suffering from a mild concussion.

He included two photos in his message: one of the glass door that QTCinderella allegedly crashed into, complete with what appears to be a mark of impact, and another of QTCinderella wrapped in blankets.

Once she’s recovered, QTCinderella is likely to go into more details about her unfortunate encounter with the door, which occurred while she was taking a break from her own live stream. This isn’t the first time a streamer has been threatened in their own home, but QTCinderella’s situation appears to be beyond anyone’s control.

As of this writing, it appears that some QTCinderella fans are sympathetic and truly worried. Several people responded with photos of cats, kittens, dogs, and fawns in response to her request for cute animal pictures. One user echoed QTCinderella’s sentiments, stating that they, too, had recently walked into glass, though it was a window rather than a door.

A few more users expressed their wishes for QTCinderella to feel better soon, and one jokingly inquired about the glass. Most fans appear to appreciate Ludwig’s decision to turn off the stream and rush his partner to the hospital.